Customer Service

Specializing in Walmart and Sam’s customer support

Experience the difference

Quite simply the difference amounts to attitude. While most call centers apply a difficult billing scheme and try to minimize the number of parts shipped, our company attitude is that the more we can do to satisfy the end consumer the less returns will come back to Walmart.

If we can ship a part to correct a problem we will do so. Our simple pricing structure reflects a win/win as we are compensated to ship parts, not sit on inventory. Our Joplin, MO location placed directly in the center of the country on major shipping lanes allows fast and inexpensive shipping. Our sister company, Customer First Service (CFS), can become your solution to all things product related. We can handle any calls for return, warranty, and out of warranty parts sales.

Return center audits

Another major difference CFS provides is quarterly audits of RC merchandise. With the supplier’s permission we hold pallets of merchandise at the Bentonville Return Center. This merchandise is returned to our facility for a full audit including review by a former aerospace engineer on our payroll. We then provide a comprehensive report back to the supplier and/or Walmart showing problems with products that can be corrected before massive returns or even recalls result.

This is included at no extra charge in our price structure. Call today to speak to our team regarding the best options for you.

Our sister company, Customer First Service was founded in 2008 because the owner recognized an opportunity in the call center industry. While there are many call centers that can answer phones and send parts most do not understand the complexity of a major retailer like Wal-Mart. CFS’ founder has over 25 years experience as a supplier, managing large Walmart sales teams such as Rubbermaid and Coleman camping.  Utilizing this knowledge gives CFS a tremendous competitive advantage to turn what is considered a headache in many companies to a financial positive.

Every time customer service can prevent a consumer from returning a product to the store, the result is lower defectives, increased sustainability and lower costs to Walmart and to the supplier.

Out of warranty parts sales

Customer First Services has the capability to sell, out of warranty/obsolete parts for suppliers. Customer First Services can build a website and capture online/phone sales of out of warranty/obsolete parts.

Increase sustainability and lower your costs