About Net Vendor

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Our President, Jon Koucky, has 30 Years experience managing large Walmart accounts as their Walmart Manufacturer Representative. He began his career in 1987 in the IT department at Rubbermaid after completing a management training program that covered all functional areas of the business. When Wal-Mart introduced the beta version of Retail Link to the first group of 300 suppliers, he was moved to the Wal-Mart sales team in Joplin, MO to manage Retail Link. During his 10 years with Rubbermaid, he was responsible for sales and analysis for the $300 million dollar program at Wal-Mart.

In 1997 he left Rubbermaid when it was sold to Newell and took over the Wal-Mart sales team for Coleman Camping. When Coleman was acquired, he left to work with a Rep Group and in 2000 he formed Net-Vendor. Net-Vendor was formed to help companies around the world to successfully do business with Wal-Mart.

Net-Vendor now manages over $200 million in sales revenue to Wal-Mart and Sam’s club with eight clients. The staff includes six highly experienced sales associates and fifteen customer service agents.

Our performance is proven by our track record. We bring a team of Marketing, Sales Analysis and Retail Link experts together to make each manufacturer and product we work with a success.

Services include, delivery of samples, involvement with sales and marketing, assisting with developing presentations, involvement in new product development, Retail Link reporting, forecasting, supply chain management, and if so desired after sales support through our 800 number call center and replacement parts fulfillment.

Our team is focused only on Walmart and Sam’s club with Net-Vendor’s foremost selling feature being our expertise with Retail Link. Retail Link is the world’s largest database and requires vast experience to utilize its potential. Our Walmart Sales Team will help you comprehend and navigate through Retail Link.

This system requires daily use and the buyers depend on suppliers being able to utilize this system. Functions include sales reports, forecasting, inventory management, demographic analysis, market basket analysis, regional sales analysis etc.

Daniel was born into Walmart, after setting mods in first grade he went on to study International Business including studying abroad in China and Europe.

Daniel has been working on Walmart accounts in an official capacity since 2009. As an account manager Daniel handles all aspects of the business especially replenishment and sales analysis helping to grow sales through every possible channel.​

Meg Shelfer is a Duran Duran fan, office manager,  account manager and handles bookkeeping for Net Vendor.

She tries to keep everything organized in this ever growing, ever changing company, as well as ducking stray ping pong balls that come her way while she tries to concentrate.

She enjoys spending time with her family, going for long walks with their dog, Fezzik and prefers the British versions of television shows.

She has enjoyed being a part of Jon’s dynamic team from early on and is excited to see where each new idea and concept will take them.

Rachel has managed customer service for many Walmart and Sams Club suppliers since 2008, which gives her a unique understanding of her role as account manager.

By utilizing her background in customer satisfaction, she has helped many companies with lowering defective rates and improving quality.

When she is not with her Netvendor family, she enjoys watching the American versions of crappy British television shows, or pretending she is a contestant on a brutal elimination cooking show.

Rachel enjoys the ever changing aspect of her job and learning new ways to be of service to her clients.