Why would you need a manufacturers rep or vendor rep?

In the early days of Walmart Sam Walton made a decision to share sales information with his suppliers to better manage his business.

This information was made available in a database called Retail Link. Retail Link has grown to be the largest relational database in the world, bigger than the US government.

Walmart buyers are too busy to look at every store and SKU that they manage. They expect their suppliers to manage their account.

A good manufacturers representative will be able to handle these responsibilities for you.

  • Know your products better than the buyers
  • Ship on time
  • Stay in stock
  • Get the right product to the right stores at the right point in the season

As your manufacturers rep we can help you with all the below and more!

  • Industry Expertise – Know your category better than the buyer
  • Forecasting – Understand Finelines, use of CPFR and ability to project POS to 52 week forecasts, NIFE, GRS and Inforem, and more
  • Packaging- Fulfill requirements of packaging guidelines, Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP), Pack and a half compliance
  • Logistics management – help in reducing Walmart freight factor costs
  • Item  Maintenance- Assist with Data Sync and Online itemfile to create and maintain items, update price and retail, assortment and shipper creation, Product Offer
  • Quote Management System, Supplier Quote
  • Walmart.com- Assist with supplier portal, create and maintain online content
  • In stock – Don’t miss sales, or overload stores, monitor DD’s, pipeline analysis, OTIF, Accountability Breakdown and DRA, Lead Time Audit
  • Know the tools that are available – c-stocks, sso, PNEW, push, minimum presentation quantity, added review time, SSPRES, and more

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